Trouw Nutrition collaborates with Dutch Sprouts on developing feed advisory tool

Dutch Sprouts, developer of the AgroCares handheld Scanner, and Trouw Nutrition, a global leader in animal nutrition solutions, have been working together to develop the NutriOpt On-site Adviser.

This innovation enables farmers, integrators, compound feed industries and consultants to analyse all kind of raw materials, silages and feeds for a large range of nutrients with a mobile NIR on-site and in real-time. The NutriOpt On-site Adviser, an app on mobile phones, connects the scanner to the Trouw Nutrition’s Nutrition Database and advises users on the nutritional value of the materials scanned.

Thanks to this easy- to-use mobile NIR scanner, the connection to the nutritional database and the mobile app on the mobile phones, users can take immediate decisions on quality assurance and feed formulations that will improve animal nutrition and performance.

How does this technology work?

Dutch Sprouts/AgroCares has developed scanning technology that connects to a cloud-based database to determine the chemical characteristics of soil.

The collaboration between both companies now, enlarges the application of this technique to the analysis of raw materials and feedstuffs. Through the mobile app the user gets immediate nutritional advice regarding the use of the raw material in feed formulations.

Henri Hekman, CEO and founder, Dutch Sprouts/AgroCares: “Trouw Nutrition is the perfect partner for us. They develop science based nutritional solutions and have global expertise, enabling them to provide quality assurance and new insights on the nutritional value of raw materials. This innovation will give customers instant control over their raw materials in feed.”

Willem Kernkamp, Global Marketing Director, Trouw Nutrition: “With its innovative precision scanning technology, Dutch Sprouts has developed a portable, reliable and affordable NIR Scanner, which, linked to our Nutritional Data Base enables our customers to obtain better and immediate nutritional advice. It’s a brilliant innovation that we gladly add to our services.”

Left to right: André Brand (Trouw Nutrition), Henri Hekman (Dutch Sprouts), Willem KernKamp (Trouw Nutrition) and Rob Beens (Dutch Sprouts).

For more information on the NutriOpt On-site Adviser, please contact the Trouw Nutrition company nearest to you or contact us via

About Dutch Sprouts

Dutch Sprouts and its affiliate AgroCares develop innovative precision farming technology for soil, feed and leaf analysis. Dutch Sprouts aims to develop on-site, affordable analysis technologies that allow farmers to generate more revenue. At AgroCares, agricultural experts work with researchers with the aim of making high-quality agricultural knowledge accessible and affordable to farmers and growers. Dutch Sprouts was founded in 2013 in Wageningen.

About Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in innovative feed specialities, premixes, feed additives and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry. It provides products, models and services to boost productivity and support animal health through all life stages. With unique, species-specific solutions, Trouw Nutrition has been meeting the needs of farmers and home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors since 1931. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has locations in 28 countries and employs approximately 8,000 people.