Analyse and monitor
nutrients in soil

SoilCares enables farmers, input producers and advisors to analyse nutrients in soil in a fast, affordable and reliable way.  Our compact Lab-in-a-Box is a fast and affordable mobile sensorlab to test micro and macro nutrients on-site. With our handheld Scanner soil nutrients can be monitored in real time out in the field.

Smart applications

Combine our smart applications with the nutrient Scanner and get on-the-spot insight into soil fertility. Our device and applications are easy-to-use on your smartphone and based on a cutting edge big data solution for fast soil analysis.

Make better decisions

SoilCares services enable you to analyse macro- and micronutrients in soil quickly and easily and make informed decisions about how to fertilize the soils. Have access to soil data whenever and wherever you want: in the field, on-the-spot and during the growing season. Start precision agriculture with soil data.

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Why calibration is needed

The strength of our technology lies in our in-house developed calibration database. When we set
foot in a new country our agronomists have to determine the number and location of soil samples
we need to collect to “calibrate” this country. This means we need to collect enough soil samples
to cover the full spectral range of the soils within that specific country or area. Want to know
more about the calibration process? Check this article. Do you want to know which countries we
have calibrated already? Please check out this world map to find out or get in touch with one
of our experts.

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SoilCares technology is used by service providers in Europe, Africa and the United States. Find a service provider offering soil testing with AgroCares Scanner or Lab-in-a-Box near you and discover the fertility status of your soil.

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A simple, smart and connected
way to analyse your crops,
raw materials and soil


The most complete, fast,
affordable and reliable solution
to test nutrients on-site


“The Scanner is a perfect addition to our services”

Soil is the basis of everything. we selected AgroCares because their Scanner provided us with the opportunity to do affordable and fast soil tests for our farmers. The AgroCares Scanner is 100% recommended by us.

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Matthew Kago

Head of Soil Testing at New Down Town

“Now I know the soil variation on my field”

A large number of soil samples from my field were analysed quickly with AgroCares’ technology. I now have a detailed understanding of the soil variation on my field. With this information I can improve my soil and further increase my yields.

Read the full story of Thomas Pollema

Thomas Pollema

Farmer in Oude Leije, The Netherlands

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Manage soil fertility

Monitor and analyse soil fertility real-time, fast and affordable. Manage soil fertility during growing season and in the field, even in remote areas. Have always access to your data via your portal.

SoilCares services

On-the-spot insight in your feedstuffs

Measure the quality of nutrients in silages and raw materials instantly and gain control over raw materials and your feeding programme.

FeedCares services

Monitor crops during growth

Fast, affordable and real-time testing of nutrients in leaf tissue to support decions about best planning for harvesting. Next to testing nutrients in soil, testing nutrients in leaf tissue will help you to determine what fertilization is needed.

LeafCares services

Digital insect scouting

Digitally determine, count and locate harmful insects in green house. Let the Scoutbox scan the sticky plates for you and let our software tell you where harmful insects are located. You will make informed decisions about what is needed to protect your crops.

InsectCares services