Second successful Community of Practice meeting in Kenya

On August 22nd, 2019 AgroCares organized its second successful (CoP) meeting. The event was held in the Kenya School of Law (KSL) in Nairobi. The event was attended by different stakeholders and existing and potential partners of AgroCares, all involved in soil fertility and soil testing. A total of 29 participants joined the event!

Sharing knowledge and experiences

The goal of the CoP was to give all existing and potential partners and stakeholders the opportunity to exchange information and share their experiences and knowledge about soil fertility and soil testing. With the extra knowledge, they can develop their business further.

Updates and new opportunities

During the CoP, Chief Agronomist, Christy van Beek, together with our partners and stakeholders discussed the advice module of the Africa Adviser Application. Christy van Beek further explained the algorithms behind it and highlighted that the algorithm uses a mathematical optimization procedure to select best-fit fertilizers. In this way, the best fit fertilizers are always selected.


Customers’ needs and wishes

During the meeting, the fertilizer list, which is used in the Africa Adviser Application was reviewed. An update of the fertilizer list was developed to reflect the actual availability of fertilizers in the country. The updated fertilizer list will be implemented in the next software update.

Next CoP meeting

AgroCares will continue to organize CoP meetings to support our current and future clients. Would you like to attend a CoP meeting in the future? Contact us and we will inform you about our upcoming meetings.