Analyse raw materials
and silages for a large
range of nutrients

FeedCares enables farmers, integrators, compound feed industries and consultants to scan all kind of raw materials and silages for a large range of nutrients with an easy to use handheld nutrient Scanner.

We have just started…

Innovation is an ongoing process at AgroCares. Testing nutrients in animal feed is one of our latest exciting developments. The use of our AgroCares Scanner in combination with the database of our partner Trouw Nutrition opens a whole new window of opportunities for our clients. Do you want to stay updated on our new developments in feed?

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A simple, smart and connected
way to analyse your crops,
raw materials and soil


On-the-spot insight in
your feedstuffs, within

Our FeedCares solutions is a highly efficient solution for analysis of raw materials and silages which helps to optimize and control the final quality of feed.

FeedCares solutions allow farmers and the compound feed industry to perform accurate analyses instantly.

The FeedCares solutions offer insights on the raw materials to make better-informed decisions in a day-to-day use of raw materials and improve performance, based on real-time advice.

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