Take control of crops during growth

Make better informed fertilization and harvesting planning decisions.

Analyse nutrients in leaf tissue

LeafCares is the latest addition to our services portfolio and will become available during the course of 2019. It will enable food producers to analyse and test nutrients in leaf tissue during growth. It will help to determine what fertilization is needed and to support decisions about best harvesting planning.

Interested in leaf analysis?

AgroCares invites all interested companies to participate in the calibration projects needed to build up our database for leaf analysis.

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On-the-spot insight in nutrients in crops

Analyse fast, affordable and reliable nutrients in leaf tissue of your crops so you can make informed decisions about how to fertilize to keep your crops healthy. Plan harvesting by monitoring nutrients in your crops. Our leaf database is currently available for several crops and developing.

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Manage soil fertility

Monitor and analyse soil fertility real-time, fast and affordable. Manage soil fertility during growing season and in the field, even in remote areas. Have always access to your data via your portal.

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On-the-spot insight in your feedstuffs

Measure the quality of nutrients in silages and raw materials instantly and gain control over raw materials and your feeding programme. 


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Digitally smart insect scouting

Beat the human eye. Digitally count, locate and determine harmful insects in greenhouses. View on your laptop in an easy-to-read map where harmful insects are located, so you can effectively fight pests.

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