Insect scouting made easy

Digitally determine, count and locate harmful insects

Beat the human eye

InsectCares enables horticultural growers to scout harmful insects in greenhouses by just pushing one button. The Scoutbox revolutionizes insect scouting by combining image recognition and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Easy to use, durable, reliable and time saving.


Take control of pests

View on your laptop in an easy-to read map where harmful insects (white flies, trips and macrolophus) are concentrated, so you can effectively fight pests. The Scoutbox can count up to 300 trap plates per day for you, by just pushing one button.

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"Everyone can operate the Scoutbox"

A photo takes less than 10 seconds and almost everybody can operate the Scoutbox. The charged build-in battery lasts a full day. We share two Scoutboxes with seven greenhouses within the Excento group on 31 hectares.

Jan van Nieuwkerk | RedStar.jpeg
Jan van Nieuwkerk
Crop protection specialist at Redstar

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Manage soil fertility

Monitor and analyse soil fertility real-time, fast and affordable. Manage soil fertility during growing season and in the field, even in remote areas. Have always access to your data via your portal.

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On-the-spot insight in your feedstuffs

Measure the quality of nutrients in silages and raw materials instantly and gain control over raw materials and your feeding programme.

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Monitor crops during growth

Fast, affordable and real-time testing of nutrients in leaf tissue to support decisions about best planning for harvesting. Next to testing nutrients in soil, testing nutrients in leaf tissue will help you to determine what fertilization is needed.

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