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Improved performance through precision feeding

Make better feed choices and improve business results

Analyse raw materials and silages for a large range of nutrients

FeedCares enables farmers, integrators, compound feed industries and consultants to scan all kind of raw materials and silages for a large range of nutrients with an easy to use handheld nutrient Scanner. 

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We have just started...

Innovation is an ongoing process at AgroCares. Testing nutrients in animal feed is one of our latest exciting developments. The use of our AgroCares Scanner in combination with the database of our partner Trouw Nutrition opens a whole new window of opportunities for our clients. Do you want to stay updated on our new developments in feed?

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On-the-spot insight in your feedstuffs, within minutes

Our Feed solutions use the database developed by Trouw Nutrition, global leader in animal nutrition solutions. Together we have developed the NutriOpt On-site Adviser. This mobile application connects the handheld nutrient scanner to Trouw Nutrition’s Nutritional Database, utilizing thousands of NIR calibrated data points. The NutriOpt On-site Adviser advises users on the nutritional value of the materials scanned and whether to reformulate the complete diet. 

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Manage soil fertility

Monitor and analyse soil fertility real-time, fast and affordable. Manage soil fertility during growing season and in the field, even in remote areas. Have always access to your data via your portal. 

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Monitor your crops during growth

Fast, affordable and real-time testing of nutrients in leaf tissue to support decisions about best planning for harvesting. Next to testing nutrients in soil, testing nutrients in leaf tissue will help you to determine what fertilization is needed.

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Digitally smart insect scouting

Beat the human eye. Digitally count, locate and determine harmful insects in greenhouses. View on your laptop in an easy-to-read map where harmful insects are located, so you can effectively fight pests.

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