AgroCares Scoutbox

Beat the human eye. Digitally determine, count and locate harmful insects.

Insect scouting made easy!

Save time and costs with the Scoutbox. Let it scan your insect traps for you and let our software tell you where harmful insects are located so you can decide what is needed to protect your crops.

Our tool will do the following things:

  • Timesaving and smart insect scouting
  • One-push-of-a-button tool
  • Wireless and web-connected
  • Cost effective big data solution


It determines white flies, trips and macrolophus


It counts the number of harmful insects on up to 300 trap plates a day


It locates pest concentration in your field or greenhouse

How it works

Determine, count and locate harmful insects in 4 simple steps

hiw-scoutbox-1.png (1)


Slide insect trap in Scoutbox

hiw-scoutbox-2.png (1)


Take a digital high resolution photo

hiw-scoutbox-3.png (1)


Let the database do the magic

hiw-scoutbox-4.png (1)


See the scouting results on your computer


We have created a tool that revolutionizes insect scouting by combining image recognition and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. All you need to do is just push one button. Easy to use, durable, reliable and timesaving.

Just one button Built in digital high resolution SLR camera Easy slot to insert trap plates Robust and light design mobile-product-scoutbox.png

Technical specifications

  • 300 pictures taken a day
  • A battery life of 24 to 48 hours
  • Internet connected
  • Weight: 9 kilograms
  • Length: 50 cm
  • USB Connectivity
  • High resolution SLR camera
  • Required power supply of 220 Volt
  • Width: 22 cm
  • Hight: 30 cm

Where can the Scoutbox be used?

The Scoutbox can be used in
all greenhouses in Western Europe
where the white fly occurs.  

Frequently asked questions

The Scoutbox running costs are limited to the year fee that gives you access to our Database, the user interface and customer service. To use the Scoutbox efficiently you will need to use specific yellow, dry glue, non-marked sticky traps (10cm/25cm).

On your weekly scout round, take your Scoutbox with you and take a picture of each of your sticky traps. The Scoutbox will save all of your pictures and then you just need to connect it to your computer to upload all of the information. The Scoutbox software using internet will then connect itself to the database and give you a precise status of the insect population in your greenhouse. You can re-use your sticky traps for up to 8 weeks.

Yes. If your greenhouse is infected by an insect that we do not yet recognize, contact us and we will discuss possibilities.

An update to make the Scoutbox recognize the Carrot fly is currently under development.

One Scoutbox can measure up to 300 sticky traps a day. Depending on your personal organisation and the number of traps you want counted, you will need more or less one scoutbox for 10 hectares a day.

The Scoutbox is an easy to use tool that requires no specific skills. One person is more than enough to run the Scoutbox. The use of the Scoutbox and its user interface requires only basic computer skills.

Everyone can operate the Scoutbox

"A photo takes less than 10 seconds and almost everybody can operate the Scoutbox. The charged build-in battery lasts a full day. We share two Scoutboxes with seven greenhouses within the Excento Group on 31 hectares."

Jan van Nieuwkerk | RedStar.jpeg
Jan van Nieuwkerk
Crop protection specialist at Redstar