AgroCares introduces: The SoilCares Project Monitor Package

SoilCares Project Monitor enables clients to track soil quality changes over time and place 

The SoilCares Project Monitor package is now available on our webshop. The package includes the AgroCares Scanner and our new SoilCares Project Monitor app for monitoring soil quality.  The Project Monitor App is a great tool for organizations working on soil restoration, soil carbon sequestration and soil health management and want to know the impact of their interventions.

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Know the impact of your project

The SoilCares Project Monitor app connects the AgroCares Scanner to your mobile phone and enables you to monitor the soil quality of a region and track its improvement through time. This makes it the perfect tool for measuring the impact of soil restoration projects. The report provided by the app includes the necessary data to monitor the effect of soil rehabilitation activities and quantify the impact of your project.

The report

The report provided by the app shows exact values of the soil pH level, soil organic carbon content, cation exchange capacity, clay percentage and soil temperature. SoilCares Project Monitor also gives an indication of total nitrogen registered in a class (low, adequate or high). The app registers the GPS location of the scanned soil samples.

The difference between SoilCares Manager and SoilCares Project Monitor

SoilCares Manager is another mobile application developed by AgroCares. SoilCares Manager is also used along with the AgroCares Scanner to monitor soil quality. The output of the two apps contains similar soil parameters. SoilCares Manager also gives information on soil pH level, organic carbon, soil temperature and cation exchange capacity and total nitrogen. Unlike the SoilCares Project Monitor, the Manager app indicates total phosphorus and exchangeable potassium in the soil, but does not indicate the clay percentage.

One of the main differences is that on the SoilCares Project Monitor app, the user does not enter farmer’s details and field information to the system. Instead, projects are entered. This means that for each soil sample, less information needs to be filled in. This makes it faster and easier to scan a large number of soil samples and get better insights into to soil quality of a region.

Available in 12 countries

The SoilCares Project Monitor is available in all countries where AgroCares calibration database has been built. Currently, SoilCares Project Monitor app can be used in: The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Namibia, Ivory Coast and Myanmar.

Order the SoilCares Project Monitor Package online

You can now order the SoilCares Project Monitor package on our recently launched webshop for 4600 euro. This includes the AgroCares handheld Scanner and a license key for the Project Monitor app. The app is available for Android devices only and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To use the app, you need to activate the license key. They license is valid for one year from the date of activation.

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