Now available in Poland: real-time soil testing with SoilCares Scanner

SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) introduces together with local partner Blue Fifty Scanner packages to the Polish market at the Polagro Expo in Poznan from January 18-21. The Scanner in combination with Apps on a smartphone will enable the Polish agricultural market to test pH level and soil texture and receive practical lime recommendations in 10 minutes. From early spring, an App will be released to measure N, P and K and provide fertilizer recommendations.

SoilCares and Blue Fifty will be present at Polagro Expo in Poznan (Booth 27) to demonstrate the Scanner. As part of the introduction, the Scanner with the license can be purchased at the Polagro Expo with a special early bird discount of 25% (from €4700 for €3500).

How does SoilCares technology work?
The sensor technology developed by SoilCares uses a global calibration database. In this database the electromagnetic spectrum of soil samples of a large part of the world is stored together with the chemical characteristics. SoilCares Scanner uses infrared (NIR) sensor technology, converting the sensor's calibration data to the chemical characteristics of the soil. The Scanner service makes it possible to monitor soil fertility during the growing season of the crops. An app on a smartphone displays the soil status within 10 minutes. This Scanner works with a smartphone with associated apps, which are constantly renewed and expanded. 


About SoilCares
SoilCares develops innovative precision farming technology for soil, feed and leaf analysis. The company is part of Dutch Sprouts, a developer of affordable technology that allows farmers to generate more revenue. At Soilcares, agricultural experts work with researchers with the aim of making high-quality agricultural knowledge accessible and affordable to farmers and growers. SoilCares does this by giving farmers the technology literally into their hands. SoilCares was founded in 2013 in Wageningen.

About Blue Fifty
Blue Fifty is SoilCares’ representative in Poland. It specializes in solutions on the field of soil, water and renewable energy sources. It represents innovative technologies and introduces reliable and affordable solutions related to the management of these resources.

More information about our special offer for the Scanner in Poland?

Check here and pre-order your Scanner!

Contact our local partner: 

Blue Fifty Polska

Ul. Łukasiewicza 10, 31-429 Kraków

Tel: 781 217 204



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