The story of farmer Richard Tuwei


Richard is a small-scale farmer from Nandi County. He plants fodder and tomatoes. He joined farming after retirement in an effort to create a business out of it. Before soil testing Richard experienced low yields, so when he heard about soil testing, he decided to give it a try to improve the quantity of his yields.

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Improved yield and increased income

After receiving the soil testing results report, he immediately bought the recommended input and applied to his field. He followed the recommendations of the SoilCares Adviser app and witnessed remarkable changes during the growth of his crops. Before soil testing he used to get 187 bales of fodder but after doing the soil test he harvested 400 bales for the first harvest. This resulted in a turnover increase of Kshs 240,000.

From 120 crates to 200 crates of tomatoes

Richard also has a green house where he plants tomatoes, and instead of the usual 120 crates he could previously harvest, he harvested 200 crates after testing his soil and following the recommendations. He got a return of Kshs 300,000 from his tomatoes. He also discovered his farm is suitable for planting strawberries which he did not know.

Starting your own business

Currently Richard is a commercial producer of fodder, he has more than 3000 bales in the store which will sustain him till the next harvest. Richard Tuwei: “I have opened a shop where I sell fodder to dairy farmers. SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) has really changed my lifestyle. SoilCares has given me a business and this is a line that I enjoy”.

Richard is now able to lead a comfortable life from the returns he gets, he has even created employment to local people who provide casual labour on his farm.

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