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Horizont 98

Horizont 98 is a Hungarian company providing services, input supplies and advice to a farmers' cooperative. Horizont 98 is using AgroCares package of Scanner and mobile app to advise the farmers from the cooperative about the nutrients in their soils and the right fertilization. Understanding soil fertility is essential for sustainable agriculture, according to Béla Szabó jr, plant protection specialist. 

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Farmers Centre Meru

Farmers Centre Ltd, situated in Meru, Kenya, provides local farmers with a variety of agricultural inputs including seeds and fertilizers. Farmers Centre thinks it is important for farmers to get to know the status of their soil and take corrective measures. Therefore, they invested in AgroCares Lab-in-a-Box.

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Wim de Hoop (KCGG)

Wim de Hoop has been working as an independent consultant for more than 6 years. His company 'Knowledge Center for Green Growth' (KCGG) is located in Driebergen, the Netherlands. His goal is to help his clients to grow economically and sustainably. In recent years, since using the AgroCares Scanner, Wim is focusing on soil and fertilization.

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Farmer Jeff Chemengen

Jeff is a large-scale farmer who has dairy cows and grows food crops. Jeff is also the director of a local dairy milk cooperative. Before soil testing, Jeff used a lot of fertilizer, but the results were not as good. He decided to test his soil to avoid wastage on input and engage in profitable farming. 

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Holland Greentech

Norbert van der Straaten is one of the founders of Holland Greentech - an agricultural service provider in East Africa. Holland Greentech is one of AgroCares partners offering soil testing services with the AgroCares Scanner in Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya.

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HLB conducts research, provides advice and diagnoses in the area of plant and soil health for the entire agricultural chain. HLB wanted to extend its service package with analyses of soil fertility and purchased a Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB) from AgroCares, bringing fast, reliable and affordable soil analyses to the Dutch market. 

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Bungoma County

Bungoma County, situated in western Kenya, is home to fertile lands. Yet, the agricultural activities have not been able to generate the yield to ensure the food security of the County’s population. In an effort to increase yields, the Government of Bungoma County invested in 3 sensor labs, developed by SoilCares (part of AgroCares) in 2016.

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Farmer Dirk Swart

Dirk Swart participated in a pilot project set up by HLB, a partner of AgroCares. A number of soil samples from his field were analysed with the sensor lab developed by SoilCares (now part of AgroCares). Thanks to this project, he now knows exactly what the soil fertility variation is on his field.

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Farmer Thomas Pollema

Thanks to the pilot project by HLB and soil testing with AgroCares Lab-in-a-Box, farmer Thomas Pollema now knows more about the soil diversity of his land and he sees vast opportunities to increase his yield and further improve the quality of his crops. 

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New Downtown

Mathew Kago is the head of the Soil Testing and Extension Services Department at New Down Town (S.T) Ltd- a provider of farm inputs in Kenya. The company wanted to improve their fertilizer recommendations so they extended their services with soil testing with the Scanner developed by SoilCares (now part of AgroCares).

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