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Crop Monitoring Service - Kenya

Crop Monitoring Service-Kenya (CROPMON) is a four-year project funded by the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) facility. The CROPMON project has developed an affordable, practical and specific decision supporting information service for smallholder to medium-sized farmers in Kenya. Today, about 200,000 farmers (growing coffee, sugarcane, maize, wheat and grass) benefit on a weekly basis from the CROPMON service. Farmers receive practical, hands-on information about their crop condition, farm management advice, and a local 7-day forecast of temperatures and rainfall via SMS.

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Project Closure Workshop

What started as an idea to extend soil testing to follow farmers throughout the growing season turned into a four year project with seven different organisations reaching over 200,000 Kenyan farmers. With the project end date coming up fast it is now time to look back at our achievements and lessons learned and, most importantly, to think about the future continuation of the CROPMON service in a commercial context. That is why we organized a Project Closure Workshop on August 20th, 2019. The slides presented during the closure workshop are available below. 

Download the Presentations

Four Years of CROPMON Project: An Overview

David Marcelis, Project coordinator– Cropmon, AgroCares


CropMon: How it all works

by Mr. Peter Kariuki Mwangi, Training and Implementation Coordinator, AgroCares


The Value of Knowing the Weather – CropMon’s weather service

by Fiona van der Burgt MSc, Consultant meteorology and climate change, Weather Impact


Monitoring your crops from space

by Henk Janssen, Project Manager, NEO

Making the difference with CropMon: the case of sugarcane and coffee

Dr. Betty Mulianga, Director, Sugar Research Institute and Catherine Nganga, Head of Sustainability, Coffee Management Services


CropMon for Maize Growers

by Oswald Miriti,Project manager, Cereal Growers Association; Zadock Ngwala- GIS coordinator, Equity Group Foundation


Measuring Impact

by Lisa Piper, Agronomist, Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator, Agrocares


Some photos from the CROPMON Project Closure Workshop are available in the press release about the event


CROPMON Partners

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David Marcelis

+31 (0)6 310 14 930

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Weather Impact

+31 (0)33 4753535

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Cereal Growers Association

+254 (0)700 299 998

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Coffee Management Services

(+254) 20 2530700/1

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Equity Group Foundation

+254 (020) 2744000

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KALRO - Sugar Research Institute

+254 020 204 7307

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The CROPMON project is funded by Geodata for Agriculture and Water