Drone UA and AgroCares organize free precision farming masterclass in Ukraine

On the 9th of October AgroCares and our Ukrainian partner Drone UA, are organizing a precision farming masterclass. During the masterclass companies from Ukraine will get more insights into how they can make their business grow by using innovative precision farming solutions.

Creating value from data

At the event AgroCares and Drone UA will show Ukrainian companies what the future of agriculture will look like in their vision. They will also illustrate why innovation is key for the survival of agricultural business in the upcoming years. Businesses will also get more insights into how they can create value with the data provided by the current precision farming solutions. There will also be demonstrations of precision farming tools like the AgroCares Scanner.

Changing the perception of precision farming solutions

Viktoriia Sakun, business development manager Ukraine: “There is no question that the global use of precision farming solutions is increasing rapidly. However, in Ukraine, we often see that companies still believe that precision farming solutions are too expensive for them or that they cannot make a profit with them. With this precision farming masterclass, we want to change that perception and we want to show companies how they can build their business using these new, innovative tools.”