AgroCares signs partnership with AgroGeo and Drone.UA

AgroCares has signed a partnership agreement with Ukrainian companies AgroGeo and Drone.UA, two suppliers of innovative agrotechnical solutions. The partnership was signed on June, 6 during the Agro Innovation Forum 2019 in Kiev.

AgroGeo and Drone.UA will distribute AgroCares Scanner solutions to Ukrainian farm managers, agro consultants and input providers. The partnership increases the availability of the AgroCares solutions on the market and improves after-sales services of AgroCares solutions on the Ukrainian market.

Professionalism and experience on the market

As the interest in AgroCares solutions is continuously growing in Ukraine, AgroCares decided to look for a landing partner in Ukraine. AgroCares selected AgroGeo and Drone.UA because of their professionalism and experience in the agricultural sector in Ukraine. AgroGeo and Drone.UA obtained the right to deliver AgroCares solutions and will market it all over the country. The next phase is to release updated solutions which will, even more, simplify the access to soil fertility information and provide a wider range of information.

Rapid soil and feed analyses for Ukrainian growers

AgroCares released the first SoilCares Manager application in January 2018. Together with the AgroCares Scanner this application allows local agronomists and farmers to monitor soil fertility status right in the field during the crop growing season and check variations within the field. This allows them to know the field fertility level more precisely. Users of AgroCares solutions are highly satisfied with the performance, as they are now able to test their soil right in the field and receive the results on the smartphone within 10 minutes. This allows them respond to the variations in the field immediately.

Empowering growers in Ukraine

Viktoriia Sakun, business developer at AgroCares for Ukraine: “We are continuously advancing and extending our services, as we understand the uniqueness of practices on each market, so we listen to local experts to make our solutions as convenient and accessible. It is fascinating to observe how fast the technology was picked up by local agronomists in Ukraine this year. This shows that Ukrainian agricultural producers are open to the latest innovative solutions and have a high level of qualification. Now, together with AgroGeo and Drone.UA, we will empower even more growers with our innovative nutrient testing solution to help them to have more analytical data about soil all over the season and to learn more about the cause of the issues in the fields.”

Game changer in the field of nutrient testing

Valerii Iakovenko, Co-founder, Drone.UA: “When we learnt about AgroCares solutions, we realized it is a revolution. It is a totally new approach to address the most painful problem faced by Ukrainian growers: decreasing soil fertility. AgroCares is a game changer in the field of nutrient testing. With their solutions it is now possible not only to see the problems in the field but also to check what is causing these problems. We are sure that soon this Scanner solution will be in the hands of every agronomist in Ukraine .”

About Drone.UA and AgroGeo

Drone.UA is the leading integrator of unmanned technology in the Ukrainian market. The main areas of Drone.UA’s work are the development and implementation of industry solutions based on drones technology, the provision of services using UAVs, as well as the processing of data obtained using drones. Drone.UA technologies are used on more than 4 million hectares of sown areas in Ukraine.

Drone.UA is the national distributor of commercial and industrial solutions by Parrot, the distributor of software Drone Deploy and Pix4D in Eastern Europe, as well as the largest distributor of equipment and industrial solutions in Ukraine for DJI.

AgroGeo is an official distributor of Nietfeld GmbH company (automatic soils samplers) and a distributor of the Swiss company Leica Geosystems in Ukraine. Moreover, AgroGeo provides maintenance services for different agricultural equipment all over Ukraine.