Our Story

AgroCares’ background

From soil to feed and leaf nutrients

AgroCares is an AgTech company that was established in 2013 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. We started under the name SoilCares with the most complex, but also yield determining part: soil fertility in Kenya. Over the years we extended our services to more than 20 countries, with clients ranging from organizations working with small holder farmers in Ivory Coast, large retailers in Myanmar to large agro holdings in Ukraine. As a next milestone we started offering precision farming services to analyse feed and leaf nutrients under the name AgroCares in 2018.

Quick on-site access to key nutrients in soil, feed and leaf
AgroCares has developed and is continuously developing a range of applications to provide quick on-site access to key nutrients in soil, feed and leaf. Via these applications we give our clients access to our databases and the algorithms they employ. Combined with two products: the Scanner and Lab-in-a-Box, we enable clients to analyse nutrients in soil, feed or leaf by using the same product with an different app.

Endless opportunities to deliver valuable agronomical information
The combination of databases, sensor technology and apps offers AgroCares endless opportunities to grow and deliver valuable agronomical information to clients. In the near future we expect to add nutrient analysis of manure and milk as well, so that eventually we will be able to measure everything on a farm.