How the FeedCares Scanner solution can help you deliver a better service to your customers? 

The FeedCares Scanner solution for direct on-farm nutrient analysis is the ideal way to deliver even better service to your clients!  

As a feed advisor, you aim to help your customers to perform better. Farm visits where you inspect operations (animals, manure, stables and feed), talk to the farmers, and learn about their challenges are at the heart of your business. In addition, years of experience give you valuable insight into how to interpret the observations you made and what to change accordingly. However, one very important operational aspect can not be fully assessed merely by observation.  

Although you can have a general assessment about the feed quality based on what you see, smell and feel, the actual nutritional content remains unknown. As feed is the biggest expense of the farmer and a key factor of animal performance, this general impression of the feed might not be enough to cross-check and optimise the feed ratio. Therefore, as a standard procedure, feed samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis to learn about their nutritional content.  

Shipping samples for a test can be time-consuming and costly. Generally, it takes a few days to get the results. It also means you can not fully help your customer on your visit. Let’s imagine for a moment that you suspect the feed ratio is not optimal and affecting production, valuable days will be lost before you can address the issue.  

The FeedCares solution can help you make a fact-based decision during your first visit to your customer’s farm.  

It’s a portable Scanner that you can bring with you to the farm. It allows you to reach unlimited analyses of the available feed materials (14 dry materials and 3 silage types), and receive a full report with all essential nutritional parameters. Just within minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to check about the provided feed’s nutritional quality and help your customer with actual data on the spot.    

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