AgroCares organizes first Community of Practice meeting in Zambia

After several successful Community of Practice (CoP) meetings in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, last month we organized the first AgroCares CoP meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. The meeting was very well attended by 27 participants all current and potential partners of AgroCares.

Share knowledge on soil fertility and soil testing

The main objective of a Community of Practice meeting is to bring together people who share a common interest and give them the platform to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. The goal of the AgroCares CoP was to allow various stakeholders, including existing and potential AgroCares partners, to share their knowledge on soil fertility and soil testing. Through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group, the members had the opportunity to learn from each other and develop their businesses.

Emphasizing the importance of soil testing

”Soil testing is a must”

Obed I. Lungu

Professor at the University of Zambia

Professor. Obed I. Lungu of the University of Zambia gave the opening statement at the CoP meeting, where he stated the importance of soil testing. He talked about soil acidity and the declining organic matter content in Zambian soils which are two big threats to the soil fertility in Zambia.

Highlights of the day

Sander Donker, Honorary consul of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Zambia was also present at the CoP meeting: ‘’Agriculture needs to produce more food in volume for reduced price. Technology can help farmers in making this step’’.

Florent Mournetas, Project Manager at AgroCares, gave a presentation about AgroCares technology and demonstrated how AgroCares Scanner works.

Patricia Mwansa of Holland Green Tech, one of AgroCares partners, and Musa Bundo, a horticulture farmer, shared their experiences with AgroCares Scanner during the meeting. Musa Bundo mentioned that because of the Scanner, he was able to increase his tomato yield with 20%. Thanks to the Scanner, he can now receive fertilizer recommendations, which enables him to apply the correct type and amount of fertilizer for his soil.

Next CoP meeting

AgroCares will continue to organize CoP meetings to support our current and future clients. Would you like to attend a CoP meeting in the future? Contact us and we will inform you about our upcoming meetings.