Doktar uses customized app: Doktar SoilCares Manager

AgroCares has developed a customized app for Doktar, a Turkish agri-tech company that aims to optimize the food ecosystem by the intensive use of information. The company uses Doktar SoilCares manager in combination with the AgroCares Scanner which enables their advisors to monitor key soil nutrients in the field of their clients. 

Doktar decided to use a customized app by AgroCares because different crops are grown in Turkey and different agricultural measurement units are used. Another reason for selecting this option is the branding opportunity a customized app offers.

Different measurement units
Doktar decided to have the SoilCares manager app customized because they believe there are some fundamental differences between Turkey and other countries in which AgroCares is active. Turkish agricultural lands, for instance, are very fragmented. The average agricultural parcel is about 6 hectares. As a result, ‘decare’ is used as a measurement unit instead of hectare when talking about yield and fertilization. This measurement unit was not used in the standard SoilCares manager app. To deliver the best possible customer experience Doktar therefore decided to have this adapted in their customized version of the app.

A large variety of crops
Another difference is the large variety of crops that are grown in Turkey. Because of the geography of the country, it contains different micro-climates in which very different crops are grown. In Southern Turkey farmers grow fruits and sub-tropical crops;  in Western-Eastern Turkey they grow veggies and cereals and in Northern parts, tea and hazelnuts are the major crops. These crops are not part of the standard SoilCares manager app. Therefore, Doktar was convinced that a customized app would better address this crop variety for clients.

Branding opportunities
Sinan Ansen, product manager at Doktar: “Besides improving the customer experience for our clients, choosing a customized app offers great branding opportunities for our company as well. At Doktar we create value by making sense of all factors affecting crop development and we provide support systems that facilitate taking the right fact-based decisions. We use all kinds of data for this purpose such as satellite imagery, sensor data, and hyper-local weather data. Soil analysis is one of our most important data sources as it directly affects yields. Since the AgroCares Scanner and app reflect exactly what our company is all about, we are convinced that having a customized app is a great way to show the vision of our company to our clients.”

The Doktar app
Clients can download the Doktar SoilCares Manager in the AgroCares webshop. The app is available via iOs and Android.

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